Multiple Teams · Swimming Handbook 2018

Clayton Valley Charter High School Swim Team

2018 Handbook


I would like to welcome each of you to the 2018 Clayton Valley swim season! The coaching staff is eager to get to work with our returning swimmers and the many new swimmers joining us this year. Representing your high school in athletics can be one of the most rewarding accomplishments of a young adult’s athletic career. At Clayton Valley, our success in entirely within our control. We have an extremely passionate and experienced coaching staff, we have talented and hard-working athletes, and we have a caring and energized group of parents. In order to ensure that we have the most positive experience this year, I am asking for commitment to the team, to the coaching staff, and to each other from both students and parents.

There are many ways to measure success. It does not matter whether you are new to swimming, swim year-round, swim only on rec, or even focus primarily on water polo. At Clayton Valley, our success will be defined by how we come together as one team and what we can accomplish with our group effort.

This handbook is intended to give both swimmers and parents a guide of what to expect this swim season. You will find the meet schedule, practice times and location, regulations for both practice and meets, and varsity requirements. Please refer to this information often. Thank you for your time. GO UGLY EAGLES!


-Coach Adrian



Please complete clearance through All forms must be completed, signed, and uploaded prior to any participation in team activities. Athletes that have participated in a prior sport this year, simply need to add swimming to their sports


Team Uniform

a) We will have mandatory team suits, caps, and warmups.

b) Swimmers may only wear the team caps at practice, no other caps are permitted. Practice suits may vary as the team suit is only for meets.

c) For meets, all swimmers MUST wear the current team suit (the only exception is for championship meets where a tech suit is preferred) and team cap. Additionally, all swimmers MUST ARRIVE to meets in team warm ups. Any swimmer who is not wearing the appropriate team uniform will be removed from the meet and may face removal from the team.

d) We will be using a Speedo brand suit. Suit fittings are available at local swim stores and swimmers uncertain of their size are encouraged to try on suits before submitting their size.


Practice Times and Expectations

a) All practices and HOME meets will be at Mt. Diablo High School pool.

b) There will be two practice groups and two time slots: 4:30pm – 6:30pm and 6:00pm-8:00pm. Group RED will be early Monday and Wednesday, and late Tuesday and Thursday. Group BLUE will be late Monday and Wednesday, and early Tuesday and Thursday. Fridays will alternate when there is no meet scheduled. After school activities should be scheduled to avoid conflict with practice.

c) 1st day of practice is Monday February 5th, 2018. The time will be 5:30pm-6:15pm. We will not be in the water, instead, we will tour the facility as a team and make sure everyone knows exactly where to be for practice.

d) Be on time and ready to begin dryland promptly at the start of practice your practice time. It is the responsibility of the swimmer to arrive with sufficient prep time to begin at the start of practice. While we understand that conflicts may arise occasionally, proper planning will help to reduce these occurrences. Habitual offenders may result in removal from practice, removal from meets, and/or removal from the team.

e) Swimmers are expected to bring their own equipment including an appropriate practice suit (the team suit is for meets only), cap, goggles, paddles, and swim fins. EACH swimmer should bring an equipment bag with these items every day. Kickboards will be provided. Keep in mind that some parts of practice may be in lower light conditions and it is advisable to avoid dark goggle lenses or keep an alternate pair available.

f) Although swimming is traditionally a no cut sport, repeated disruptive behavior or repeated poor effort may result in an athlete being removed from the team.

g) Attendance is mandatory. Any swimmer that misses more than 3 practices over a two-week period will risk suspension from meets and/or removal from the team. Keep in mind that during weeks of meets, this equates to below 60% attendance.

h) At the conclusion of practice, all swimmers are expected to assist storing equipment. We will not be showering at the end of practice, so all swimmers must be picked up promptly.

i) We will swim under all weather conditions except lightning and thunder storms.


Varsity Expectations

a) The Varsity goal is to be as competitive as possible in all meets. Swimmers will be scheduled such that CVCHS is most competitive in all meets, and not necessarily the particular best events for a specific swimmer. Obviously, these two goals will often align, however, depending on the composition of the team and opponent, swimmers may be scheduled in an event other than their best/favorite. Where possible, we will try to accommodate swimmers wishes, particularly those who are training specifically for certain events.

b) We will seek to schedule a full meet lineup for each Varsity team in every meet (Men and Women). This may result in some swimmers moving between Varsity and JV. Rosters will not be fixed (or evenly distributed), but rather, dependent on the current meet being scheduled. Anyone not swimming on Varsity, will be on JV for that meet (including seniors).

c) We are one swim team, and roster status is as fluid as meet event choice

d) To earn a Varsity Letter, a swimmer must swim in the Varsity meet lineup in a scheduled dual meet and at either the DLS Invite or the DAL Championship.

e) Swimmers wishing to be considered for the Varsity roster will be expected to attend a minimum of 80% of practices.


Swim Meet Expectations

a) All swimmers are expected to swim in all meets. Any absence MUST be cleared with Coach Adrian in advance, and prior to meet scheduling.

b) Transportation to and from all meets (and practices) is the responsibility of the swimmers’ family. No arrangements will be provided by either CVCHS or any coaches. You must arrive at the designated pool on time and prepared.

c) During meets, you are expected to be attentive and on time to your races. If you are late and miss a race or relay, you may be taken out of the meet. High school order of events differs from USS and rec swimming. New HS athletes should pay particular attention as the timeline is unlike other swim seasons.

d) All relays are the Coach’s discretion. Under high school rules, relay times are “owned” by the school, not the individual swimmers. That means for the purposes of qualifying times or records, the specific swimmers may be switched. For example, a team record can only be the fastest time swum in a specific year, not an additional record for a relay with one swimmer substituted.


USS and Multiple Sport Athlete Expectations

a) Swimmers participating in winter sports, club sports, and USS swimming are encouraged to participate in CVCHS swimming. These athletes are still expected to abide by the same team policies.

b) For High School winter sports, athletes are expected to begin participation with the swim team at the completion of their season. While in that season, it is expected that these athletes are attending and participating in that team’s practice in accordance with that sport policy. At the conclusion of the season, it is expected that athletes return to full CVCHS swim team practice.

c) For Club sports such as Water Polo or Synchronized Swimming, it is expected that an athlete participates in CVCHS practice. Coaches must be notified in advance of competition conflicts with swim practice to ensure athletes are properly excused.

d) USS swimmers will not be expected to attend CVCHS practice in addition to, or instead of, USS practice. As long as a swimmer is in good standing with their club team, they will be considered in good standing with CVCHS swimming. It is expected that USS athletes will participate in all meets unless excused by Coach Adrian. It is also expected that USS athletes will attend a weekly meeting with the coach Adrian at lunch in order to be on the same page with training goals, health, and team social activities.

e) Membership on a USS team does not automatically ensure placement onto the Varsity Team.




2/5       Monday             First Day of practice 5:30pm-6:15pm

2/28     Wednesday        Clayton at Monte Vista

3/14     Wednesday       Clayton at Berean

3/16     Friday               De la Salle Invitational (at DLS)

3/17     Saturday            De la Salle Invitational (at DLS)

3/23     Friday               College Park at Clayton (at Mt. Diablo)

3/30     Friday               Alhambra at Clayton (at Mt. Diablo)

4/2 – 4/6                        Spring Break (no practice)

4/13     Friday               Clayton at Daugherty Valley

4/20     Friday               Concord at Clayton (at Mt. Diablo) SENIOR DAY

4/28     Saturday            JV Invitational (at Miramonte) *JV only*

5/??     Wednesday       DAL Diving (TBD)

5/3       Thursday          DAL Trials (at Campolindo)  *Varsity only*

5/5       Saturday            DAL Finals (at Campolindo)  *Varsity only*

5/10     Thursday          NCS Diving (at Cowell) *Varsity only*

5/11     Friday               NCS Trials (at Cowell) *Varsity only*

5/12     Saturday            NCS Finals (at Cowell) *Varsity only*

5/18-5/19                     CIF